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Different people and institutions like politicians, historians, sociologists or the mass media all try to persuade us of the linear progress of the European peoples through the creation of the Union. This might of course be true in a capitalist world picture; a free market was fully established, recessions or wars do not threat the broad European bourgeois middle class or the huge enterprises and trusts. The European peoples are constantly growing closer together on a cultural level. German students can study for a year in Ireland without having any trouble and women in Rome dress very similar to those in Stockholm. Europe is looking peaceful today, nobody would like to proclaim revolution on this paradise- like continent.
That is why no powerful institution would dare to ask questions going beyond the system in which the European Union is operating. We are building our world on the backs of the poor countries of the South. We are destroying cultural and environmental resources by an escalating production and by consuming even more blindly. We do not even try to solve problems of immigrants and asylum seekers, the former leading their disillusioned lives in the suburbs of Europe’s big cities far away from bourgeois middle- class, the latter being fished out of the Mediterranean Sea by Italian and Spanish fishermen every night. These dead refugees are also part of the mountain of chaos that is piled in front of the angel. We do not talk about the many unemployed and uneducated people of lower social classes who are becoming ever more suspicious of the idea of the European Union and can only be kept in their social roles and places by means of mass culture and manipulation through the mass media.

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